• Are you overwhelmed by work and home responsibilities? 

    Do feelings of mom-guilt, comparison and frustration impact you?

    Is managing your home a struggle? 

    Do you lack time for important relationships in your life?

    You can take steps to positively impact each of these challenges. 
Why I Created
Stretched Too Thin
This summer, I surveyed more than 2,000 working moms asking one question – what is your biggest struggle as a working mom?

Over and over and over, the phrase "I’m stretched too thin" was written.

Work, kids, activities, church commitments and the list went on and on of reasons why women felt their way. Their questions came from places of weariness from women desperate to not feel so overwhelmed.

I get it because I have felt that way too. However, over the course of my more than eight years as a full-time working mom, I have discovered the secrets to living with purpose and intention amidst a busy schedule.

I developed this course to empower women to take back their schedules, find freedom in saying no and cultivate more intentional relationships. The lessons include vulnerable stories from my life, research from the nation’s top time and leadership experts and practical solutions for any working mom. 
Why You Need Stretched Too Thin
As a full-time working mom it can often feel like you’re stretched too thin. You want to thrive at work, maintain your friendships, support your spouse, and be an awesome mom. But often that can feel like an impossible goal.

While certainly everyone experiences periods of busyness, you shouldn't live your day today feeling overwhelmed and always hustling.

Stretched Too Thin offers practical solutions to the most common struggles of working moms, including:
  • Practicing Self-Care
  • Managing Your Home Well
  • Establishing Work Boundaries
  • Loving Your Spouse Intentionally
  • Mothering Your Children Well
  • Making Time for Friends
You can immediately purchase Stretched Too Thin risk-free. Our 30-day money back guarantee ensures that if you are unsatisfied for any reason, please email us for a complete refund, no questions asked!
You can thrive as a working mom.

Working motherhood isn’t easy, but it has taught me so much about the importance of appreciating the ordinary. When I take time to make intentional choices, really listen to my husband and kids, take care of myself and love the work that I do, I am thriving in working motherhood.

I believe that you can thrive as a working mom who embraces her many roles with ease and isn't overwhelmed by her to do list.

What You’ll Get in Stretched Too Thin

Stretched Too Thin is a self-paced course that offers the following content and resources:

  • 10 video lessons addressing working moms biggest challenges and how to live well. 

  • An exclusive in-depth 50-page workbook with daily reading and journaling exercises

  • A library of 11 additional ebooks, courses, videos and more worth more than $200 to aid in going deeper with the course content. 

  • Access to a private Facebook group of other working moms enrolled in Stretched Too Thin to dive deep into the content, share struggles, provide tips and solutions and more. 

  • A bonus video series hosted by Jessica Turner uncovering the 4 key relationships of working moms

What You’ll Learn in This Course
In the course, I’ll share tips and strategies such as goal setting, time tracking, work boundaries, marriage, parenting, homemaking, friendship and the importance of self-care to help you thrive as a working mom.

And the best part of all, the videos were made with you in mind. They are really short, full of tips you can immediately put to use and apply to your own life --- even if you have a busy schedule.

The doable course content can be completed in just 15 minutes a day, perfect for busy working moms.
You can immediately purchase Stretched Too Thin risk-free. Our 30-day money back guarantee ensures that if you are unsatisfied for any reason, please email us for a complete refund, no questions asked!
Here are the topics we cover
Day 1: Considering the Present

Today you’ll get a clear outline of what to expect in Stretched Too Thin and have some questions to help guide you to consider your present circumstances.

Day 2: Setting Goals & Evaluating Your Week
In this lesson, Jessica will guide you through how to set SMART goals and provide tips for embarking on a week-long project of evaluating how you spend your time.
Day 3: Discovering the Feelings Within

Learn about the common emotions working moms navigate and how to overcome them.  

Day 4: Establishing Work Boundaries
Today you’ll get a clear outline of what to expect in Stretched Too Thin and have some questions to help guide you to consider your present circumstances.
Day 5: Loving Your Spouse Intentionally
If you are married or in a committed relationship, today’s lessons will equip you with practical advice for loving your spouse well.
Day 6: Mothering Your Children Well
Working doesn’t mean you aren’t a good mom. In this lesson, Jessica provides practical insight for making the most of your time with your children.
Day 7: Creating a Home You Love
Home management is challenging for working moms. Today you’ll learn some quick ways to make things a little more streamlined and easy.
Day 8: Making Time for Friends
In today’s lesson, you’ll be reminded of the importance of friendship, where to find it and how to make it a priority.
Day 9: Practicing Self-Care
Many working moms find making time for their own health and passions difficult. Today we will uncover solutions for practicing solutions.
Day 10: Thriving: Where to Go from Here
In this last lesson, Jessica will leave you with encouragement and wisdom for moving forward as a happy, thriving working mom.
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Planner Bootcamp course
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5 Days to a Better Morning ebook
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Here's what other moms are saying about Stretched Too Thin
As a full time working mom of three kids 11 and under I've basically been stretched too thin for a decade. This course, like Jessica herself, is the kind and practical friend that tells you you're going to be OK. With tips, stories and encouragement from her own life as a working mom, Jessica reminds us of fresh ways to find margin in our days and joy in our callings.
Lisa-Jo Baker
community manager for
and author of Surprised by Motherhood
Jessica's Stretched Too Thin course is the perfect way to hit the reset button and filter through the "busy-ness" of life and focus on what really matters. Give yourself the gift of this course—you deserve it.
Nicole Feliciano
CEO of MomTrends and author of Mom Boss

In Stretched Too Thin, I know you will come away with an appreciation for all of the gifts that you have, and be able to implement some practical solutions for fine tuning the trouble spots.

So let’s walk through this process together. Join me on this journey by signing up for Stretched Too Thin: 10 Days to Overcoming the Hustle and Thriving as a Working Mom. You’ll get instant access to the online video series, a supportive online community of working moms on the same journey, and a bonus resource library that will help you dive deeper into the topics we cover in the course.
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